Mood Studio is at the forefront of the Australian Virtual Reality industry, working with the biggest companies from around the world. As a leader we are a one-stop shop to deliver a full custom made VR solution to you. We provide you with strategic planning and creative guidance throughout the whole project. Virtual Reality Experience is highly realistic and immersive, thus your customers can engage with your content or products in a completely new exciting way.

The most realistic and fastest way to present hundreds of properties or products right from your office.


Significantly higher sales conversion based on emotional decision making.

Time saving

Time and cost saving by providing your staff or customers with the best possible training or sales tools.


Versatile web based tools that don’t require specialized equipment to be viewed.

Products & Services

3D Virtual Reality Tour

Take your customers on an immersive journey into the virtual world that doesn’t exist yet ! Show them your visions and sell them the dream.

Let them experience their dream living room, kitchen or bathroom even before it’s been built. Our realistic 3D panoramas combined with drone photography allow your customers to feel the exact size of their future home and even see the exact view from their balcony.

They no longer have to be in your display office to understand the floor plans and final finishes. All it takes is a pair of 3D goggles that we custom print and supply with every 3D Virtual Experience.

All the agents that sell your property can have their own Virtual Tour on their Pad, mobile, desktop or website. Your customers don’t even have to be in the same country anymore !

Please have a look at the example here.

It’s a development in Palm Beach, Gold Coast. You can watch it in 3D on your mobile if you have the goggles or on your desktop just by using the keyboard arrows.

360 Photo and Video Tours

Promote yourself, your destination, product, service or attraction. Show your customers how it looks live in front of their eyes, no matter where they are.

Compatible with a smartphone, tablet, VR headset or desktop computer. This new technology allows audiences to interact with video and look wherever they want in an immersive 360° environment.

Supported by Facebook and You Tube this latest technology is changing the world of Tourism, Education, Art and Sport.

Please have a look at the example of DESKTOP ONLY 360 video tour we created for BOND UNIVERSITY. *it will not work properly on mobile unless you download the BOND NOW App from App Store or Google Play


3D Product Presentations and Animations

Make your ideas alive !

There is no better way to impress your future investors, customers or potential buyers with a photo realistic 3D animated presentation of your products. Let them see it working in it’s natural environment with all the extra features and options it has.


Virtual Reality Platform allows you to explore properties, anywhere, through the power of virtual reality. An innovative sales tool, that allows your prospective clients to immerse and experience their future property from the seat of a sales presentation. A Virtual Reality walk through engages more senses and influences more emotions that play a key role in decision making.

It consists of two modules:
VR MOBILE and DESKTOP application. Those two modules are synchronized together and let you guide your clients through all views that you have in your offer.


The mobile app is installed on a smartphone. It enables users to browse trough your offer with the options of choosing locations with the use of goggles.



Desktop App is fully synchronized with the mobile app to help monitor and control the VR experience. Example features include a current view of the tour, location control or audio adjustments.


Cardboard Goggles

Cardboard goggles allow you to enjoy Virtual Reality applications, videos, games and presentations on your smartphone.

Our one piece, ready to send, fully branded cardboard goggles are a brilliant marketing tool for any organization. Opposed to Google Cardboard our products are more refined, easy to assemble and fully customized with your company logo, colours or designs. They are neatly packed in a “ready to send” envelope with instructions for use.


The kit consists of : Two high quality lenses Special cardboard box Carton with instructions for assembling. Compatible with smartphones of sizes from 7,5 cm up to 14,8 cm. The product has a magnet that fully cooperates with the most smartphones



The newest concept of advertising to your clients! Virtual Reality Cardboard Viewers suitable for IOS and Android phones. It can be custom branded with full colour (CMYK) design.  Send your own design or give us your ideas and we will design for you. Our goggles come in a “ready to send”, „flat packed“ and fully branded envelope or box with instructions for use.



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