Our team of Augmented Reality Experts specializes in custom build AR applications. We build apps that combine AR, VR or any other technology to create an exceptional user experience.

We take your customers on a journey into a new world, enhanced by computer generated images. Augmented Reality adds layers of digital information – 3D objects, videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us.



An Augmented Reality Application for mobile IOS or Android devices represents a revolutionary way to display products or designs using image recognition technology. It allows you to visualize the product in any size and in any space before it’s even produced or delivered.

It is also an irreplaceable tool for training. Your team will have to be trained only once. After that it will have all their training materials live in front of their eyes on their mobile devices. AR can be applied in just about any industry.




Take your potential customers inside an off the plan property and let them immerse in the look and feel of it. Let them hear the surrounding sounds and see the endless horizon from the not yet existing penthouse.
Our AR apps are activated by pictures, landmarks, billboards, catalogues or gps. Therefore the possibilities are endless.
Become the leader on the market and ad a new dimension to your advertising campaign. Give your local and overseas agents the best sales tools possible – a fully immersive property in front of their eyes without them having to even leave the office!


Take travelers on a new, exciting journey with the help of Augmented Reality Applications. Let them see the historic buildings or landscapes that no longer exist.
Show them prehistoric creatures that lived here. Let them understand signs, and landmark descriptions by translations into any language. Let them enjoy performances and tour guides after hours at their own convenience.


Allow visitors to immerse themselves in the endless world of history. See objects in their original locations or see how they have been used by ancient societies. Let them see extra video clips, audio descriptions or soundtracks that are not normally available because of time and space constraints.



Video on paper can give your customers a competitive advantage in the world of static, printed media. Let the stand out from the crowd and engage their customers.

It increases engagement and makes them more likely to make emotional decisions.



Make the learning process engaging and exciting. Use Augmented Reality (AR) for interactive campus, park or museum tours. Enhance books and catalogues with Video ON PAPER. AR will soon become a necessary education tool.


Close deals faster and allow your reps to demonstrate your products in 3D directly in your customers shops at their exact location. Your customers will know exactly how they may configure and place your products on their shop floor.



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