3D configurators

Our custom made 3D configurators are a great tool for both your clients and you. They can freely customize your product according to their taste and needs. On top of that they can visualise different variations of products in a perfect 3D world created just for you. You on the other hand, can improve your production planning and product design, based on customer preferences.

Configurators can be built on a mobile platform for IOS or Android devices to work with Virtual Reality Helmets like Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift.

They can also be embedded in your website and easily operated by a simple click of a mouse.





Your sales team will love their handy configurator on their mobile, IPad, tablet or desktop. They will be able to visualize all your product configurations on the spot in front of your customers. They will never loose a sale again because of their customer’s lack of imagination. Your FLOORS, WALLPAPERS, KITCHENS, PATIOS, FENCES, PACKAGING or CARS will now be available in tens of colours, textures and sizes.


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